In your closed mouth, father,
I found words: long words
that described small islands
short words that embraced
the deepest desires    esoteric
words that transported me
to microambient worlds   words
that worshipped    and despaired
that were toxins ointments salves
words stripped from rare
ecclesiastical bindings   or ripped
from the air.

I loved words as much as you
loved silence: words that wakened
intoxicated    explored    words

from In the Path of Lightning: Selected Poems
(Time Bing Books, 2012)

Copyright © Adel Gorgy 2013 Photograph Language Without Words
Cross-Cultural Communications Art & Poetry Series Broadsides # 62
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Abstracting Abstraction

with the rank smell of viscera
that excoriated    and restored
I collected words, forged from gold
or zirconium    words ethereal as breath
and dark plutonium words    more fatal
than death    Words my daggers
my lariats    my fire-scorched tongs
my antlers     my cockscomb my
rhinoceros horn     words my plunging beak
my wild and thorny cry.

Charles Fishman