About Me...Between Then and Now

Photography, and my life are tightly intertwined.  None of them competes, but rather, they complement and enrich one another.
I live and work on Long Island, NY, and before immigrating to the U.S., I lived in Europe and the Middle East.  I have traveled extensively across the country and abroad, and my travels are a rich source for my work.
My studies in comparative art, spirituality, astronomy and human history color my work and are important threads in the fabric of who I am.
Photography has been part of me all my life.  It is my way to sharpen observation, bring vision to a focus, provoke thought and evoke emotion.  It is my way of heightening awareness and overcoming the apathy resulting from the comfort of the usual and ordinary.
In parallel journeys, I took roads less traveled and revisited places and saw them again for the first time. Amidst the order and chaos in our world, my eyes see always beauty, and my work is a window to my world.

                                       Adel Gorgy

Adel Gorgy is an Honorary Member and USA Representative of Immagine & Poesia, an International Artistic and Literary Movement in Turin, Italy.

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