Rhythms...Winter to Fall


These large scale 42x62 in. (105x155 cm.) images are all derived from nature and span a time from Winter to Fall.  
Realism describes nature, Impressionism colors it, Expressionism interprets it and Abstraction reduces it.  In Rhythms...Winter to Fall, these boundaries are blurred, imaginary or non-existent.
The image is pre-visualized and recomposed, the colors are interpretive, impressionistic or expressive rather than representational, and the image retains little or all of its original self.
The new composition transcends the traditional pictorial photographic conventions.  There is no perspective, no foreground or background.  The customary designation of top and bottom, or right and left is less critical or even immaterial, thus giving the viewer alternate ways of seeing.
In the end, the medium, the technique and the style fall behind or disappear, and only the image remains.

Adel Gorgy

Adel Gorgy  Contemporary Photography
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