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About The Print

All the prints of my recent works, Again...Seeing Art Anew and Rhythms…Winter to Fall, as well as prints of other works, are large scale, museum quality archival fine art prints of 42 x 62 in. (105 x 155 cm.) and larger up to 42 x 174 in (105 x 435 cm.)

They have been printed on an HP z3100ps 44-inch large format printer with HP fade resistant pigmented inks on acid free 100% Cotton Rag Paper or Canvas. This combination delivers accurate color matching, fine gradation, rich blacks with exceptional contrast, and sharp details. The prints have a Wilhelm Imaging Research (WIR) estimated print stability, light fastness and permanence of 150 to 250 years, depending on display conditions.

When the look and feel of glossy photographic paper best serves the artistic intent of the image, HP Premium ID Gloss Photo Paper is used. Exceptional brilliance, details and tonal range and depth inherent in glossy paper is made more so by the use of Gloss Enhancer.

The pixel dimensions and file size of my images often exceed 500 megabytes. When printed at 300 pixels/inch and a printer resolution of 1200 dpi, the details are of exceptional quality and the areas of continuous tone show none of the pixelation that can lower the quality of large format prints derived from smaller files.  Representing an image of such dimension on a computer monitor is an imperfect solution. That is why, in the galleries, Again ... Seeing Art Anew and Rhythms…Winter to Fall, each image is accompanied by two details.

There are a limited number of vintage Gelatin Silver prints available for works made in the 1980s. These are archival, Selenium toned prints, notable for the richness of the black, the subtlety of the shadow details, the separation of the mid-tones and the delicate highlights placed at the very end of a carefully scaled zone system.

The process of making fine art prints is too delicate and complex to be trusted to anyone else. So, I have personally produced all of my prints, both vintage and recent in my own studio. Each is my own from inception to completion. For me, both the image and the print are very personal.
                                                    Adel Gorgy

About the Print
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