Blessed are the hills that the acid rain kills.
Blessed are the trees dying of disease.
Blessed is the flower sucked of its power.
Blessed is the grass destroyed by the gas.
Blessed is the soil that we stupidly spoil.
Blessed are the clouds, the chemical shrouds.
Blessed are the rivers now they are sewers.
Blessed is the sand like mess in my hand.
Blessed is the sea that is oiled and filthy.
Blessed is the sky where the sick winds fly.
Blessed are the hens in their holocaust dens.
Blessed is the grain grown only for gain.
Blessed is the fruit that we daily pollute.
Blessed is the meat that we cannot eat.
Blessed is the bird that is no longer heard.
Blessed is the seal that the knives unpeel.
Blessed is the air that our lungs cannot bear.
Blessed is the town that we bulldoze down.
Blessed is the child that the city drives wild.
Blessed is the man and his 'live-far-now' plan.
Blessed is the Earth as we plunder its worth.

                                           Peter Thabit Jones



Copyright © Adel Gorgy 2009  Spilled Ruby Wine  after Corot (Sibylle)
Cross-Cultural Communications Art & Poetry Series Broadsides # 14
Adel Gorgy  Contemporary Photography
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