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Immagine & Poesia (Imagespoetry)

Immagine and Poesia is an International Artistic Literary movement which publishes and exhibits collaborations between artists and poets both internationally and in Torino, Italy.
Its members include such distinguished poets and artists as Aeronwy Thomas, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Lidia Chiarelli (President), Gianpiero Actis, Enzo Papa, Mary Gorgy, Stanley Barkan and Peter Thabit Jones among others.
Adel Gorgy has been an Honorary Member since February, 2009

Immagine & Poesia on Wikipedia
 and  Photograph by Adel Gorgy
Immagine & Poesia Then and Now by Mary Gorgy   photograph by Adel Gorgy
Autumn: Poem by Aeronwy Thomas and  Photograph by Adel Gorgy
To Aeronwy Thomas: Poem by Lidia Chiarelli and  Photograph by Adel Gorgy
Dare to Be: Poem by Sally Crabtree.   Photograph by Adel Gorgy
Ghosts are in the Mood: Poem by Federica  Nightingale.   Photograph by Adel Gorgy
Puffins Circus December 2010, Volume I, Issue 5. Editor: Anthony Kendrick

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