Colors of shadow and other works

Friday, January 7, 2011

Clifton Journal


The Clifton Arts Center Gallery will present "Colors of Shadow and Other Works" by Adel Gorgy, an exhibit and sale of photography art from Wednesday, Jan. 19 and runs through Saturday, Feb. 26. There will be a reception open to the public on Saturday, Jan. 22, from 1 to 4 p.m. Admission is $3 per person.

Forms of light, colors and shadows shape our world of realism and abstraction. In the "Colors of Shadow," they are inseparable and the dividing line is transparent, opaque or absent. In these photographs, the image is pre-visualized and recomposed, the colors are interpretive, impressionistic or expressive rather than representational, and the image retains little or all of its original self. Through these photographs, the artist invites viewers to seek new ways of seeing.

Gorgy's black and white work represents the ultimate conquest in the visual duel of light and shadow, while his color work transcends the limitations of realism, venturing into territories once limited to the art of painting, drawing or even sculpture.

In his other works, it is a continuation of the same journey and way of seeing. But the subjects are nature and art, itself.

His photography, his practice of medicine and his life are tightly intertwined. None of them compete, but rather, they complement and enrich one anothe


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