In the Moment- An Evening with Adel Gorgy - arts and entertainment - 10/27/2011 Eileen Palmer  

On Thursday evening October 20, Bay Area Friends of Fine Arts (BAFFA) and Women Sharing Art hosted an enlightening evening with photographer and artist Adel Gorgy.

Gorgy's large scale evocative photographs were on exhibit at the BAFFA Gallery through October 23rd.

Gorgy's photography depicts nature and art in a way that is compelling and original. His work asks the viewer to experience the the familiar with new eyes. Autumn leaves and shore shells are transformed into a mystical delight of color. Van Gogh and Monet master works are reduced to pure color and brush stroke which evoke as much emotion as the originals.

During his lecture, Gorgy referenced a Marcel Proust quote: “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” Thank you Adel for opening our eyes and showing us the importance of being 'in the moment'.

Women Sharing Art member, Pat D'Aversa "listened to Adel Gorgy's inspirational explanation of his artwork". "He uses palettes and brush strokes of the Masters to influence his work. He explained his art with such passion, it was wonderful," she added.

Women Sharing Art member, Mireille Vingerhoets had this to say: "It was a very inspiring evening. Adel captivated his audience with stories about his art. We all enjoyed the exhibit. You get a whole different feel of his work when you view it from different perspectives. Up close you can see the detail that fades away into a combination of color and emotions when you take a step back".

Photos courtesy of Sue Miller
Carole Sheppard, BAFFA Co-president, Adel Gorgy and Sue Miller, BAFFA Co-president
Joan Lengyel, Jen Sheppard and Adel Gorgy
Bob Zeman, Jay Miller and Adel Gorgy
Adel Gorgy (middle) and Women Sharing Art group (l -r) Eileen Palmer, Lisa Marie Scrima-Castelli, Pat D'Aversa, Sue Miller, WSA president, Holly Black, Valerie Zeman, Victoria Beckert, and Alina Rossi
Lois Seipmann, Board of Directors -BAFFA; Adel Gorgy; Valerie Zeman, Women Sharing Art; Mary Gorgy
Marsha Solomon, Contemporary Artist; Adel Gorgy; & Mary Gorgy, Novelist, Writer & Art Historian
Photos courtesy of Sue Miller