Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Edward Williams Gallery, Diana Soorikian Director, presents
"Adel Gorgy - Art About Art…From Da Vinci to Matisse and Warhol,
Photographic Works,
 Retrospective Exhibition."
March 30th through May 1st, Opening Reception -  Saturday, April 11, from 2-4 pm.

    13_Permutation of Moment Lost.jpg              04_GORGY_DECEPTION.jpg            01-GORGY_FirstKiss.jpg
  Permutation of Moment Lost after Matisse       Deception … Traces of Pollock                  First Kiss after Picasso(Girl Before a Mirror)

From March 30th through May 1st, Fairleigh Dickinson University's Edward Williams Gallery presents "Adel Gorgy - Art About Art…From Da Vinci to Matisse and Warhol, Photographic Works, Retrospective Exhibition" a solo exhibition of large scale, abstract photographic work by the acclaimed New York artist, Adel Gorgy.  Gorgy's work has been exhibited in museums and galleries nationally and internationally.  This is his first exhibition at the Edward William Gallery.

Gorgy's photographic art often focuses on familiar works of art by renowned earlier artists.  This exhibition offers a rare opportunity to see examples of several bodies of work that span more than 20 years.

Merging the conceptual with the visual into vibrant and stunning images, Gorgy's work extends the boundaries and redefines the possibilities of photography.  In "Art About Art…From Da Vinci to Matisse and Warhol," Gorgy's first retrospective exhibition, traces of earlier artworks can be perceived.  Works that range in subject matter from ancient to Renaissance to Impressionist and Modern Art present Gorgy's distinctive style and vision.  Gorgy reconstructs, recontextualizes and recomposes what he sees into complex, intricately detailed photographs rich with imagery and meaning.  This work presents a completely new vision that has not been done or seen before.  It transcends the limitations of realism, asks the viewer to experience art with new eyes, and gives new depth and dimension to familiar works.  Gorgy's abstractions are surprising, thought-provoking and beautiful.  Several of the works are printed on silver metallic medium, which gives an incredible depth of tone and a rich surface texture.

Photographic artworks from these series have been exhibited in Manhattan, London, Italy, France, Singapore and Seoul, Korea.  Now, New Jersey audiences will have the opportunity to see them locally.   Adel Gorgy's artwork has been the subject of five previous solo exhibitions.  It has been included in numerous group shows, published widely in books and magazines, and is the subject of the 2014 book, "Adel Gorgy, Photographic Works."

The Edward Williams Gallery, under the directorship of Diana Soorikian, at Fairleigh Dickinson's Petrocelli College presents exhibitions of important local and regional contemporary artists.

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