Adel Gorgy  Contemporary Photography
Manhattan Unseen Perspectives

Manhattan ... Unseen Perspectives

For years photography has been about capturing the moment.  For me it is about imagining the moment and morphing it into limitless abstraction.

The Italian writer Italo Calvino speaks of invisible cities.  Are they invisible because they only exist in memories, or metaphor, or the imagination?  Manhattan…Unseen Perspectives makes my city appear to the viewer in all her charm as she appears to me.

Walking through Manhattan, you are not going to see these images, yet they are all there  in physical existence.  In Manhattan…Unseen Perspectives these imaginary moments are evoked, changed, and finally made visible.  If realism is descriptive, expressionism is interpretive, and impressionism captures the visible through color, in Manhattan…Unseen Perspectives, the boundaries between all three disappear.  In the end, the concept, the style, the medium and the technique disappear and only the image and a moment of memory remains.



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Synthetic Universe

Synthetic universe is a conceptual construct. It is different from anything we know. Intuition supersedes logic, approximation is as accurate as mathematics, and opposites occupy the same time space continuum. Gravity, relativity and quantum mechanics are things of the past. In a synthetic universe both the speed and position of a particle can be determined replacing the uncertainty principle with certainty. It is where eternity and dreams are reality.

In a finite world limited by our senses, a Synthetic Universe is my way of experiencing the limitless