That sliver of nothingness

O you, who are so distant,
yet so intimate in
your silent possession of me –
Am I loving the Unknown,
rather than you?

Is it the distance we keep
that breeds our intimacy?

O unknown one,
why does your voice
hold such richness for me –
a richness that brightens
my waning heart.

O breath of life,
am I searching for the stars
of a dream never to be?

Is there only this oblivion
outside of death?




Copyright © Adel Gorgy 2011 Photograph The Unknown World after Cezanne (Antoine Dominique)
Cross-Cultural Communications Art & Poetry Series Broadsides # 44
Adel Gorgy  Contemporary Photography
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Lurch me from the shadows
that leach my life.

Take me, embrace me
in that sliver of nothingness
that, for a moment,
can feel so complete.

Carolyn Mary Kleefeld
spinning into nothingness
February 20, 2009
from branch to branch
without being noticed.