Circle Line

“Others will enter the gates of the ferry and cross from shore to shore…
Others will see the shipping of Manhattan north and west…”
Walt Whitman (Leaves of grass)

The boat that takes us to
Ellis Island
slowly slips
through the water of the East River.

The haze of the summer storm
on the buildings of Brooklyn and of Queens
is a thin mist
that muffles the noise
already weak
on a summer Sunday.

Mirage of a new world
unreal like in a dream
the Statue of Liberty
raises her torch towards a leaden sky.

I, too, America, want to live your dream.
(July 25, 2010)
                              Lidia Chiarelli



Copyright © Adel Gorgy 2011 Photograph Freedom  for Lidia Chiarelli (Circle Line) 
Cross-Cultural Communications Art & Poetry Series Broadsides # 27
Adel Gorgy  Contemporary Photography
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